CO2 accumulation in noble firs

Did you know

When you buy a 5-kg bundle of noble fir branches for Christmas decorations, advent wreaths or coverage of burial sites, this represents slightly more than 4 kg of accumulated CO2. Many consumers make such purchases. The annual harvest in Denmark amounts to 2,500 tons of greenery. This represents an accumulation of approx. 2,300 tons of CO2. In the noble fir stands, branches are cut up to the tree’s 35th year. During this period, the greenery accounts for an accumulation of almost 5 tons of CO2/hectare per year. In addition to that, there is the accumulation in stems and roots - both during the cutting period and during the subsequent years up to the point when the stands are harvested to provide room for new trees. The area in Denmark which is planted with greenery is on the rise. This means that not alone the production is climate-neutral but also that it represents a direct increase in CO2 accumulation.

Noble fri greenery binds CO2 in the production.