The association

The association

The association was founded in 1984 as a subdivision in the forestry management sector’s society, The Danish Forest Association, but had from the start its own rules and its own board of directors.

The need for such an organisation was developed gradually as it was only a little niche production in the beginning which had grown up until it accounted for a significant and central part of the forestry management’s total earnings. Then came the section more commonly known as "PyntegrøntSektionen" (the ‘decorative greenery section’), and had as its main objective to work with promoting production, marketing and sales of decorative greenery and Christmas trees . As members were among others the majority of large estates in Denmark, and nearly all larger forest properties, had decorative greenery production as a lucrative source of income.

In 1997 the development in the sector gradually resulted in larger and larger differences between the owners, who naturally belong in the Forest Association and those who needed a powerful organisation for decorative greenery production. Therefore, Danish Christmas Trees was estalished to represent the interests of the growers covering both the very smallest to the very biggest Christmas Trees and cut greenery growers in Denmark.

The association published a magazine from the beginning which only had the title PS – an abbreviation of the subdivision’s Danish name. During 1987 Nåledrys was added so the title in future answered to PS – Nåledrys. The abbreviation PS is therefore also seen in several places in connection with the association.

Chairman of Danish Christmas Trees
2010-         Christmas tree producer Martin Petersen
2002-2010 Farm Owner Henrik Nissen
1999-2002 Estate Owner Kim Berner
1998-1999 Manager Torben Sommer-Larsen
1990-1998 Estate Owner Christian Wedell-Neergaard
1989-1990 Estate Owner Mogens Holck
1986-1989 Estate Owner Frants Bernstorff
1984-1986 Forest Supervisor Finn Jacobsen



Present chairman Martin Petersen
Martin Petersen


Managers of Danish Christmas Trees
2011-         Claus Jerram Christensen
1999-2011 Kaj Østergaard
1996-1998 Jens Søgaard Jacobsen
1995-1996 Jøns Dalum
1993-1995 Asger Olsen
1985-1993 Kaj Østergaard
1984-1985 Esben Møller-Madsen



Present managing director Claus jerram Christensen
Claus Jerram Christensen