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The Danish Christmas Tree Growers Association uses cookies to improve the user experience of This basically means that when you visit our website we will automatically collect information about your use of the website. This information will only be used to ensure the user experience of our website by general statistical analyses. .

In this section you can read more about cookies, how we use the on our website and how you can avoid cookies. Cookies are important for us to ensure a good user experience of our website.

What is a cookie?
When you visit our website your device will automatically receive a list of different cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser and can be recognized by our website at a repeated visit. A cookie can contain text and numbers (for instance a time and date), but no personal information will be stored in a cookie. A cookie is not a program and it cannot contain viruses.

What type of cookies do we use?
We use both session cookies and persistent cookies from third parties (e.g. from Google). A session cookie will expire after your visit when you close your browser. Persistent cookies expire after a certain time period, which depends on the individual cookie.

How do I avoid cookies?
Cookies can easily be avoided and deleted. If you wish to avoid or delete cookies stored on your device visit for further information.

What do we use cookies for on our website?
We use cookies to improve the user experience of our website. This is done by collecting general information on the use of our website and performing statistical analyses to describe it. As an example we collect information on which parts of the website has the most frequent visits (to describe popularity) and the duration of visits. By analysing this information we can place the most popular information at the most relevant pages on our site so it is easily accessible for the users. We exclusively use cookies to make statistical analyses on the general use of our website.

Cookies from our partners
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- Cookie script (cookie consent)

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If you have any questions about our use of cookies you are welcome to contact the webmaster.